Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room…

By far my most favorite cartoon from The New Yorker
I know, I know! I realize that I’m the prodigal daughter that only comes home during Thanksgiving. And even then, she’s only there for a quick plate of food and to do a couple of loads of laundry. Oy vey!
This year has FLOWN by and as you might remember there was a period there where I wasn’t super into writing. Remember? Then, I’d start a post only to be distracted or unable to fully flesh out the idea. But! Here I am and ready to go full steam ahead.
I feel like I can’t fully talk about 2017 (what?) without reflecting a bit on 2016.
To catch you up, here’s what I’ve been up to this year:
-Graduated from grad school
- Started a new job
- Went to countless concerts (actually, I can count, but doing so might be overwhelming)
- Visited Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen
                - Made some new friends and saw some old ones
- Said goodbye to a dear friend that moved back to Thailand
- Got closer with friends from work
- Maxed out on ClassPass classes and was utterly obsessed
- Fell into a complete rut with working out and could barely manage to drag myself to the gym/be active (That struggle was real. I renewed my gym membership in November and one of the trainers left a message that said the following, “I’m happy to see that you’ve renewed your membership. We’ve missed you at _____. Our records show that the last time you worked out at our facility was September 22nd. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to get you back on track. Umm…)
- Visited the Midwest for the FIRST TIME EVER! To Kansas, of all places!
- Purchased Coachella 2017 tickets
- Subsequently realized that I’ll be among the older attendees. Fell into a deep, somewhat imaginary, depression.
- Election 2016 happened.
                - Fell into an actual terror about the state of the country. However, resolved to see the good in life and have faith in humanity.

Phew! That was a lot more than I thought. Sometimes, breaking everything down into minute details like that is helpful. Other times, it’s downright depressing. Imagine if my list was: discovered Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt and The Crown. The End. I take that back, I’d still consider that a win. Both The Crown (on Netflix. If you haven’t checked it out, you absolutely should.) and Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt are wonderful and make life better.
Reflecting on my experiences (despite highly glazing over things) and triumphs helps to give me perspective on goals. I tend to feel a bit impatient that I’m not accomplishing things as quickly as I’d like. Lists like these help to put things into focus.
In 2017, I resolve to stop being so hard on myself and have faith that things will work out with a bit of elbow grease. That, and eat OBSCENE amounts of Cherry Garcia.

What do you all have planned, or resolve to do, in the coming year??


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