Class Pass and all that jazzz

Hello again!

I've decided to drop in and fill you guys in with a quick catch up. With summer approaching, and the overwhelming desire to frolic on a beach somewhere and not bring a persistent reminder of being stuck inside with me (*cough winter belly cough*), I've been trying to up my workout regimen.

So, for the last couple of weeks, I've been trying out Class Pass. The idea behind Class Pass is that you get to try a bunch of different classes without getting bored with any one class. You're only allowed to visit the same studio 3-4x (depending on the Pass you have) in a month. At first, I really hated Class Pass. Now, I'm just one notch below not being a complete fan.

So, my original reasons for not being a fan included:
  • No home gym
  • Very difficult to get the class you want at the time you want, in the neighborhood that you want
  • Mostly for people that really enjoy taking classes
  • Having to plan your workouts almost a week in advance to get access to coveted classes
I should also point out that Class Pass does include gym time at some of the areas' (DC) nicer gyms, so it IS, technically, possible, to just drop into a gym and do whatever workout that you'd like to do. I, however, like being able to go to the gym and THEN decide what workout I'm going to do. 

So yes, if you're wondering if I'm a gym rat. Yea....kinda. Remember the aforementioned winter belly and try not to hate/judge me.

However, a lot of that changed when I took a barre class. Barre is challenging, but it's also not your heart pumping cardio session. It's intense in that you can literally feel your muscles screaming and, just when you're about to give up, you move to another muscle group. Essentially, you leave the class wondering how you never knew that your muscles could be that tired while your heart isn't beating out of your chest. It's now what I take in place of an "easy" day at the gym. Which is to say, I am no longer taking easy days.

I can now say, I completely understand why people enjoy taking classes instead of just going to the gym and winging it. Even if you take breaks during a pre-planned class, you are still working out MUCH harder than you normally would (well, maybe not YOU, but definitely me). Meaning, you can't just go to the gym, hop on the elliptical for 30 minutes, and call it a day. Now, if you're just getting back into the routine of working out, that's perfectly fine, but if you're a supposed "gym rat" like myself, that should not be acceptable.

My other "like" about the Class Pass workouts are the cycling classes. Holy moses do you get a full body workout at those classes--abs, arms, and cardio. And, while I know that a lot of people hate the competitive aspect of some studios where they publish everyone's stats, I love it! I can no longer delude myself into thinking that I am working harder than everyone else in the class and ease up on the resistance if I'm not even making the board.

So, three cheers to Class Pass and, hopefully, getting ready for lots of warmer summer days ahead.

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