Unexpectedly melancholy

Hi gang!

    Sorry for the brief hiatus! These last couple of months have been a whirlwind! The end of last year (2015), found me finishing up my graduate thesis, interviewing for a new job (spoiler alert: I got it!), and heading off to Europe. With all of the frenzy, I had forgotten to post!

Not only that, my head wasn't on completely straight to actually decompress and figure out how I felt about everything. Right after I came back from vacation, I handed in my resignation, graduated from grad school, had one of my dearest friends visit, and started a new job. As I write those things, I now understand why I felt so stressed leading up to all of the big events. Ccchhhhaanges!

Despite the fact that many of the changes had been a long time coming, I still felt a bit taken aback when they actually happened. My expectation for how I would feel on the day of graduation, for example, was that I'd be ecstatic. Instead, I largely felt numb. I even felt a little bit sad. And to top it off, feeling those feelings left me feeling quite confused! I had been building towards this moment for about two years, why wasn't I ecstatic? In hindsight, I realize that all of the logistics of making sure that I got to graduation on time, lining up details for my graduation party, making sure to invite everyone, and also making sure that my outfit was on fleek (obviously, the most important part!) that I think by the time I caught my breath, everything was over!

All of that being said, I hadn't really felt the urge to write. Just writing that helped me to realize, "Wow. If I wasn't in the mood to write, I must've been REALLY exhausted!" Writing is something I really enjoy and to be too depleted to engage is.....well....shows that I needed a break! But, now I'm back!!

That being said, I'll leave you all with a song that's been playing in the background of my head for the last couple of days (Thank you TCB 17th Street): 



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