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I'm baaaccckkk

Hey gang,

I know. It's been QUITE a while since I've written here. In my own defense, which, honestly, is not much of one, I've been more self-reflective than I have been outwardly reflective. Anyway, I was reading this article about Taylor Swift and it sparked something in me (as good writing usually does), so I felt the need to sit down and actually WRITE something for a change.

As many of you know, Paris Review is one of my absolute favorites. Take a peek at the article here. Finished? This article, especially this line,

And so I chose a different kind of life, a smaller one where I could think before I spoke and then my words would be loud enough to last on a printed page. See, I do have a platform. I’m a writer. And there is so much revenge I’d like to get, so many scores to settle, but I’m older now and see so clearly the consequences of putting something in print.

is all the things. 

This quotation brought me back to sixth grade to a time when I realized the effect th…

Class Pass and all that jazzz

Hello again!

I've decided to drop in and fill you guys in with a quick catch up. With summer approaching, and the overwhelming desire to frolic on a beach somewhere and not bring a persistent reminder of being stuck inside with me (*cough winter belly cough*), I've been trying to up my workout regimen.

So, for the last couple of weeks, I've been trying out Class Pass. The idea behind Class Pass is that you get to try a bunch of different classes without getting bored with any one class. You're only allowed to visit the same studio 3-4x (depending on the Pass you have) in a month. At first, I really hated Class Pass. Now, I'm just one notch below not being a complete fan.

So, my original reasons for not being a fan included:
No home gymVery difficult to get the class you want at the time you want, in the neighborhood that you wantMostly for people that really enjoy taking classesHaving to plan your workouts almost a week in advance to get access to coveted classes I …

Unexpectedly melancholy

Hi gang!

    Sorry for the brief hiatus! These last couple of months have been a whirlwind! The end of last year (2015), found me finishing up my graduate thesis, interviewing for a new job (spoiler alert: I got it!), and heading off to Europe. With all of the frenzy, I had forgotten to post!

Not only that, my head wasn't on completely straight to actually decompress and figure out how I felt about everything. Right after I came back from vacation, I handed in my resignation, graduated from grad school, had one of my dearest friends visit, and started a new job. As I write those things, I now understand why I felt so stressed leading up to all of the big events. Ccchhhhaanges!

Despite the fact that many of the changes had been a long time coming, I still felt a bit taken aback when they actually happened. My expectation for how I would feel on the day of graduation, for example, was that I'd be ecstatic. Instead, I largely felt numb. I even felt a little bit sad. And to top it…