Hellooo again!!!

Remember me?? Sorry that I've been away for so long--between work, school and thesis writing, my brain feels like it's been on a creative pause for the last couple of weeks. I mean, this is basically me:
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You know that feeling when you think things are going REALLY well and then you're like, oh crap...
Nothing major, just that sudden feeling of being overwhelmed. THANK YOU THESIS!!!

The only thing that has saved me, per usual, is exercising. It's pretty much my go-to. Well, that and wine, but running is probably the better one to talk about, right? 

Thesis is all-consuming and overwhelming. When I'm not actually writing thesis, I'm thinking about thesis, so that's left little time for actual creativity. Fun, right?

Gif courtesy of Straight from the A
Well, the benefit of Capstone (the official name for the class at my university) is that it is filled with characters. Sometimes, I feel like Nene Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta with the range of expressions that I go through every week. The final draft of my thesis is due December 7th. DECEMBER 7th. I'd feel a lot better about that date if it weren't November. Now, the entertaining part about Capstone is the variations of where everyone is on their paper in the class. And, how most of the other students treat the deadlines like suggestions. Par example, the literature review of the paper was due October 5th. I had a wedding in San Francisco the weekend before, so I HUSTLED to finish the majority of it before I left. That, sort of happened. Let's just say, I took a red eye (that's a whole other story for another time) back to DC from Vegas, took a nap, and started editing what I'd already completed. By the end of writing, I was not entirely sure if I was writing cohesive sentences. Anyway, that being said, I hustled. The due date was October 5th, so I turned my paper in when?? Let the choir say it together, "OCTOBER 5th!" Today, our professor was answering questions regarding the first completed draft of the thesis and, guess what? GUESS WHAT?! People are still working on their literature review and asking questions about that. Taking up my VALUABLE time asking about an assignment that was due a month ago. A MONTH AGO.

I can't. Do you see why I'm NeNe?? Anyway, just wanted to touch base and complain, so that you all remember that I exist. And to bless you with some gifs.

How was y'alls Halloween? How upset are you by the fact that it looks like midnight at 5PM?

Preach about it below or shoot me a message.

Days 'til final draft of thesis: 37
'Nene' faces made today: 3 (which, honestly, is an all-time low. I am recovering from a cold though)

Til next time,



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