I wouldn't admit this to anyone but you guys

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So... Let's talk (finally!) about shows that we 'hate' watch. Aka those shows that you'll only admit to watching with people that you feel somewhat close to, but never when you're first meeting someone. Not to be confused with the shows that EVERYONE"S watching, even if they're really bad. There's something about the 'hate watch' that feels so deliciously naughty, but is actually pretty mundane. So, below, behold, is my list.

1. Pretty Little Liars
2. Empire
3. Younger
4. The Vampire Diaries
5. Grey's Anatomy

Now, I know that last show is somewhat controversial because a lot of you are probably saying, "Erika! That's a really popular show! How in the heck is that a 'hate watch'?" While others are probably saying, "Wait, Grey's is still on the air? I thought Shonda killed everyone off!" And see, my dear, that's exactly why it is a 'hate watch'. I recently got back into Grey's while I was marathon training (honestly, many of these shows can be attributed to the marathon training-rest-your-feet-and-watch-something-while-eating-something-delicious mode that I was in for a few months there. I even tried going back and watching 'Private Practice' during that time. But, Younger Shepherd on Grey's killed that show for me. I think the actress is great, but, geez oh geez, is her character annoying on Grey's Anatomy. I'm tempted to turn the volume all the way down when she's on the screen--but, I don't believe in that, so I merely scowl until the scene switches to someone else. ANYWAY. I got into this conversation with a friend of mine recently via email and his list of 'hate watching' was a lot longer and clearly a lot different (for starters, he's a he, so I can't really imagine him watching Grey's, crying, and watching it some more, but you never know...). Scandal was on his list as a 'hate watch'. Scandal! How do you 'hate watch' Scandal?? More like, watch it and cheer for Olivia Pope/Kerry Washington and lust after Fitz/Jake (whoever tickles your fancy that episode). So, to say that surprised me would be an understatement. Then again, everyone's 'hate watch' is different for completely different reasons. So, I wanna know....

What do you 'hate watch'?


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