Where everybody knows your name....

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Have you ever gone back, during a fit of endless Netflix bingeing, and watched older shows? In between the wait for Orange Is the New Black and my endless Vampire Diaries binges, I re-discovered both Roseanne (which is always good) and Cheers. Cheers was a show that I sort of watched when I was younger. And, by sort of, I mean, I'd watch a couple of episodes, TRY to like it and fail miserably. I experienced the same thing with Frasier, which I now LOVE (Yes, caps are necessary), so the only logical conclusion is that I didn't have that great a sense of humor when I was younger. Ha! Lies! I had a great sense of humor as a kid, but the whole premise is lost on a 7 year-old, as were many of the jokes.

Cheers, for those of you that don't know, centers on comings and goings of 'regulars' at a bar owned by former Major League-r, Sam Malone (played by a very young and handsome Ted Danson). The 'regulars' (meaning the same cast of characters that frequent the bar) all have a camaraderie and understanding of each other that adds to their enjoyment at the bar.

Now, obviously, at seven you can't really appreciate the simple pleasure of going to a bar where, "everybody knows your name", but at 30 (!) you certainly appreciate those things. It took what felt like forever, but I've FINALLY been able to find my 'Cheers' bar. Where, in fact, all of the regulars know my name.

A regular bar can provide many benefits: getting out of the house to have a drink, chatting with friends that you don't normally see (unless you're there all the time...), a relaxed environment where you don't have to make going to the bar a main event, and, hopefully, having a bartender that is equal in eye candy to Ted Danson.

Now, tell me, do you have a favorite/regular bar?


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