I have a secret to tell you...

So, I have a really bad habit of coveting certain items from fictional TV character's wardrobes and then purchasing them online (thank you internet!). My most recent coveted piece, that not gonna lie, I spent a decent amount of time scouring the internet for, are Hillary Duff's earrings on the show, "Younger". Yes, I watch that show, but that's a post for another day. I mean, you guys, tell that these earrings aren't amazing:

(Sorry for the shitty picture quality)
To be fair, whoever styles the show does an AMAZING job keeping the ladies looking fresh, professional, and current. Hillary Duff's character, Kelsey, is a 20-something publishing editor (I'm sure you're gathering why I love this show) in New York City. Her pieces seems to mix high street with designer--JUST THE WAY SOMEONE THAT WORKS IN PUBLISHING WOULD. Sorry, I can't get over these earrings. Let's look at another shot:
(Sorry Hilz for cropping out your face)
I mean, you guys, I almost want to email the stylist and get info on those earring (I won't....). Instead, I've just been scouring Bauble Bar hoping that they have something similar. Wish me luck!

Do you any of you have TV characters' wardrobe obsessions? Let me know below!

Photos courtesy of TV Land promotional materials. Check out the show 'Younger' here.


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