So, if you're the friend that is always sending recipes you might enjoy this...

Photo courtesy of Greatist

I say that because I'm that friend. I have this horrible habit of saving every recipe that looks remotely do-able to my bookmark page (which means that it is almost impossible to actually find the recipe I want when I'm trying to make the recipe). Yesterday, I found this great recipe for the sweet potato sitting in my crisper and the avocado that had finally ripened to the point of being edible. However, it took me a solid 30-45 mins to actually find it. I went through my bookmarks bar, nada. I Google'd, nada (side note: I love how Google has now become a verb, but I digress). I sync'd my work bookmarks with my home bookmarks, nada. At this point, I was becoming SO annoyed with the whole situation, that I considered using one of the recipes I found online for sweet potato cakes instead of the original recipe. Though, the recipe I just linked you guys to was sitting in the back of my head taunting me. Until FINALLY, I found it. I want to say it was worth it, but...well, it wasn't really. Something was lacking in the flavor of the cakes. So, if you're going to make the fritters, I'd add a tablespoon of Italian seasoning and finish with Sriracha.  I realized too late that I didn't have a lime, which is weird because I always have either lime or lemon in my fridge, but it worked just fine with salt. I'm using Greatist's photo because my fritters didn't come out nearly this neatly until the last bunch. So, another tip for you would be to let them cook longer than 4 minutes a side.

Anyway, these made for a nice clean dinner. Though, I also had about 10 of them to fill myself up.

Happy hump day peeps! And here's hoping this week goes by a lot quicker than it feels!




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