HAHAHA! You're hilarious

New Yorker article "Haha vs Hehe"

Have you all read this New Yorker article by Sarah Larson?  As soon as I saw it, I fired it off to the people that I chat about random things with the most. FIRED.IT.OFF. Like, 'I'd only read about 2 paragraphs before I was emailing a messy link to them', fired it off.

When I first saw the title in my "Today from the New Yorker" email, I thought, "Well, this should be interesting." And yes, it's interesting, but only in the way that Sarah Larson really needs to be my best friend. And by that, I mean, my newest g-chat buddy. The way that she's unpacked the subtle differences between, Haha, hahaaha, ha, heh, hehe, etc., reminds me of a conversation I'd have with some of my close girlfriends.

I tend to use the "ha!" as a clever head nod, or when I'm pointing out something that is so deliciously academic/scholarly, that I can't help but tip my hat at myself. So, basically, when I'm having a Frasier Crane moment and I want the other person to know this, recognize it, and pat me on the back. I've never really used "hehe", but I think that's because I'm outside of the younger generation that uses it on the reg. I also  tend to think that it makes me sound like a high school girl. One might think I have an affinity for enjoying things that many high school girls also enjoy: the word 'totes', Pretty Little Liars, One Direction band members (sorry, #teamharry all the way), and Sour Patch kids--though, I think that Sour Patch kids TRANSCEND age norms. No one wants to be 'the cool mom' that's trying to fit in with the teenage brood.

But, the real genius lies in the way that Ms. Larson is able to, essentially, talk about g-chat speak and make it interesting. Nay, she even makes it hilarious.

Anyway, I think that's all from me today--I've both been stuck inside of a Metro AND split my zipper (I wish there was a funny story attached to that second one), so that'll drive any gal to the edge. Here I come Snickers peanut butter, HERE.I.COME!


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