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You better run girl

So, as some of you might remember, one of my New Year's Resolutions was to run (and finish) a marathon. You can read about that here. Well, the marathon was this past weekend (on my 30th birthday, no less!) and I can happily say that I finished in 4:59:30.

Me, being the slight perfectionist that I am, always has the knee-jerk reaction of saying, "I could have done better. I think I could have run a 4:45, instead of being just under 5:00." While this is a true statement, I was actually running ahead of the 4:45 pacer for most of the race (Until around mile 20, when I really needed to walk some of the hills), it doesn't negate the fact that, HEY! YOU RAN YOUR FIRST MARATHON GIRL! It wasn't a complete surprise to me that that was my first reaction to people asking how my marathon went, so I'm working on just saying (and thinking), "It went fine, thanks for asking!"

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Waiting for the last drops of winter to melt away


Today, it's rainy and dreary in DC. I was kind of hoping for some warm weather and sunshine, but such is life. I'm going to choosing to focus on the days ahead, when it will be ideal 'lay-out-by-the-pool-with-a-cocktail' type of weather. I'm not going to lie, thinking ahead to the marathon AND the criminally nice weather that I'll be going to, has inspired me to think about my 2015 swimwear. And, don't you know it, Victoria's Secret is having a sale. Gee golly, talk about great timing! Ha! I swear this post isn't sponsored, but I will find any way to online shop that I possibly can. A cute swimsuit for $39 dollars? Can't really pass that up. Here's a swimsuit combo that I've come up with AND your usual Friday playlist. ;) Have a great weekend friends!