State of Erika

I would now like to introduce, STATE OF ERIKA. While I'd like to pretend that this is some amazing new series that I've started that will regale you and leave you laughing, it's really just a forum for me to be candid--though, I've been told that bitter/cranky/hangry Erika has her hilarious moments. My long distance friends have been subject to emails of these same type from time to time (normally, after a long night rife with stories), so I thought I'd just write a general state of Erika for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy!

    I don't know what it is, but every time I've tried going to sleep this week, I've been amp'd up! I can't get to sleep without a lot of coaxing and series of yogic breathing. I wish I could say that it's because I have something SPECTACULAR planned at the end of this week that I'm really incredibly excited for, but I think the only thing that I've been looking forward to is vegging out and eating beef lo mein after class on Friday.

Hungry/giving into strange combos 
     Speaking of, I've been all over the place with my eating habits recently. When I first started training for the marathon, I figured that it would be a good time to also clean up my eating habits. They'd gotten a bit out of control and you can't run well on a crappy diet. You just don't have the energy. Well, my effort to eat healthfully started off well and my energy levels were great, until I could feel the pangs of addiction creeping back. You know how there's always that member of a reality show that's coped with something in a previous season, so they now feel like they are the expert on coping with that particular problem to new cast members? They'll have this weird superiority complex about it, even if what they're an expert at is cooking mac and cheese in the microwave and not burning it. Well, I was turning into one of those people. "Oh, you want to get fries? I can't. I'm training for a marathon." Just writing that sentence made me want to vomit all over the place and give myself the side eye. The sad thing is, I was probably hardcore eye banging the fries and deep sniffing them like they were the Holy Grail. But, really, I can't have them, I'm so above that. Ugh.

    So, I suppose that it only serves me right that I've been thrown from the inch high pedestal that I put myself on, and HUNGRILY (much like this guy) thinking of the weirdest combos. Avocado toast with egg, bacon, burger patty, sprinkled ruffled potato chips and hot sauce? Oh, only if you include a Diet Coke. Thanks.

Being stalked by old coworkers

         Not gonna lie, this actually happened last week, but it took me a full week to recover from the surprise. A girl that I used to work with looked me up on LinkedIn. She didn't try to connect or say hi (which would've been, let's be honest, LESS weird, since, hopefully, she knows that people can see whenever you look at their profile). She just lurked there. On my "People who have viewed you" webpage. It felt like some weird 80s horror movie where she was just standing across the street, at night under a spotlight, in a floral dress, kind of cross-eyed staring. I DON'T KNOW WHY! She's not even cross-eyed, but that's where my mind went. Well, my mind went there after I figured out who it was. Before, I was like, "Oohh, who is this nice girl from Maryland that is looking at my profile? Where does she work? Is that company cool? Would I like that company?" After remembering that it was her, "Eww. That company probably blows and smells weird." Then, of course, I texted an old co-worker and we text laughed about it for a solid 10 mins. Ahh, good times.

Massive chocolate intake 

     More massive than usual. Chocolate is a requisite part of my diet, but this is obscene and I may have to take out a second mortgage just to cover the costs.

Marathon training

    I am now what they call "tapering". Meaning, that I don't have to plan my life around the obscenely slow LONG runs that I generally do on Saturdays. So, basically, now I have only ONE excuse for why I have no life.

And finally,...

School blues 

   As in, why isn't it over and why don't I make a bajillion dollars already?

Until next time kiddies,



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