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State of Erika

I would now like to introduce, STATE OF ERIKA. While I'd like to pretend that this is some amazing new series that I've started that will regale you and leave you laughing, it's really just a forum for me to be candid--though, I've been told that bitter/cranky/hangry Erika has her hilarious moments. My long distance friends have been subject to emails of these same type from time to time (normally, after a long night rife with stories), so I thought I'd just write a general state of Erika for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy!


I don't know what it is, but every time I've tried going to sleep this week, I've been amp'd up! I can't get to sleep without a lot of coaxing and series of yogic breathing. I wish I could say that it's because I have something SPECTACULAR planned at the end of this week that I'm really incredibly excited for, but I think the only thing that I've been looking forward to is vegging out and eating beef lo mein after…

Rich girl hair

Hello!! Did you miss me?? Sorry for my two-week hiatus, but Empire and Scandal aren't going to watch themselves. And, writing about my long distance runs are generally not entertaining for most (#sorrynotsorry). But, I'm baaaaaaacccckkk and going through my quarterly feeling of hair angst. Meaning, I want to chop all of my hair off and start anew. Be one of the cool girls that's able to pull off an edgy cut and still look completely feminine. And, let me tell you, finding hair inspo is HARD out there for a pimp.

I am scouring the archives (like, early 2000s people) for short hairstyles, so that I don't say to my Dominican hairdresser with a love of sniping (which, I'm sure is true of most hair stylists, but my trims tend to leave me a couple of inches shorter than I originally planned), that I want something, "Edgy, but also can be cleaned up for work. You know, very Clare Underwood." Because, I'm almost confident that: a) the word 'edgy' doe…