Things I missed...

....while watching the Oscar's drunk. I'm not going to pussy-foot around IT, you guys. I was pretty drunk for the Oscars. Not to mention the fact that I went to not one, but TWO, Oscar parties across town from each other. Somehow, I was still able to catch Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Director. I cheered during Patricia Arquette's speech (in a completely quiet room, might I add. Now that I know that Meryl and JLo had my back, I feel a lot less self-conscious.), was confused about how lame Kerry Washington's dress was during the red carpet, and loved that Alejandro (I'm not even going to attempt his last name) ignored Sean Penn's comment. But, after logging onto Facebook, I realized that there were some things I missed.

Things I missed:

1. Joan Rivers not being included in the "In Memoriam"--I definitely watched that sequence, but I think I was stuffing my face with a brownie (something that Joan would disapprove of, I'm sure) to notice. Though, after all of the dresses, directors, actors and actresses, that she's offended over the years, I'm sure she's not at all surprised. Wherever she may be.

2. Giuliana Rancic's "dirty hippie" comment about Zendaya's look--First, I loved Zendaya's response to Giuliana's comment. But, if you are like me and watch E! at all in your life, you know that Giuliana lives for being a mini-Joan Rivers. She lobs insults like they are overpriced macaroons. However, I agree with Zendaya and Giuliana apologized, so....let's get over it. Props to the internet world for being outraged and actually getting someone to apologize. But, what about Sean Penn's comment above? Can't win 'em all I guess.

3. And this. I think I'm most sad about that one, because I really do truly love me some Benedict Cumberbatch. Though, what a last name to take on. Sheesh.

All of this being said, I love NPH, but this Oscars was a snoozefest. Can we bring back Ellen, already? Or, better yet, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler??? I mean, neither of them are on network TV anymore, so I'm sure that overachievers like them are just sitting around eating ice cream and watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

And without further ado, your Friday playlist:


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