Hellooo and Happy New Year!

Hellooo Blogger Nation!

     I can't believe that the last time I posted something here was in September?!?! I've been thinking about what to write for so long that I imagine I thought that I'd already written something in this space and that not that much time has elapsed since my last post...Ooops!

With a New Year comes resolutions to be better versions of ourselves and, inevitably, a new gym membership and picking up that project that we meant with all of our little hearts to finish. So...I guess you see where I'm going with this. Yes, I have both a new gym membership (which reminds me that I need to cancel the old gym membership) and have decided (and am making myself accountable) for writing more here.

If any of you were aware of how many times I think about this blog each day, you'd wonder why there weren't MULTIPLE posts a day, rather than the intermittent 5 posts for all of 2014. Double oops?

One of my resolutions for 2014 (that I completely re-negged on) was to run a marathon. So, guess what 2015? That's right! You are getting a marathon! And you get a marathon and you get a marathon (Sorry Tyra, I couldn't resist)!!!!! I am not rolling around on the floor like Tyra, but I am pretty pumped to run a marathon and check something off of my LIFE GOALS list.

Since we're in February, most, if not all of us, have given up on the things that we so carefully crafted when the clock struck midnight. But, some of us haven't. Perhaps it's the getting older, or just the purely jaded part of me, that decided to take part in a midnight yoga practice December 31st. I only mention it because the teacher leading the practice (yoga-speak for teaching the class), mentioned that instead of thinking of resolutions as, "I Will" to think of them as "I Am". Pretty clever word play, huh? Can't really give up on something that's a part of you, right?

Just something to hang your hat on while you're sulking about not sticking with your resolution into your pint of Ben & Jerry's. Just me?

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What are some of the resolutions that you've come up with this year? 


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