A Note About the Happiness Project


   I know it's been a long time since I've last checked in, so I'll try to make this post worth your while. I've been meditating about this post for a bit now and writing parts of this post many times over in my head.

Show of hands, how many of you have been taking part in the Happiness project? One, two, three?? I feel as though I've seen it cropping up a little here and there on social media and, true to my nosiness streak, I'm intrigued to see what makes other people happy.

One of the great things about taking part in the Happiness project is that you're able to see what it is that makes you happy on any given day. I've noticed that my happiness tends to reside in food, coffee, and exercise--in that order. Which, to be honest, is pretty accurate. I love the first bite of a freshly baked chocolate croissant, the first sip of a well-made caffeinated beverage, and being soaked with sweat after a great workout. So, those things weren't entirely surprising as much as confirmed that, when it comes down to it, happiness on a daily basis is achieveable.

One of the limitations that I've found with this project is that I'm unable to capture all of the moments that contribute to my happiness on a daily basis. Just today, while I was walking to the metro on the way back from the gym, these two adorable twin girls waved at me through their car window. There's something about the unadulterated joy that children have (and want to share) that is incredibly contagious. However, I can't take a picture of that moment or feeling without both failing to capture the moment...and feeling like a creep. There is one picture on my instagram (@eriebear412) where I captured a picture of the first warm day of spring. I felt exuberent, enthusiastic, and incredibly lucky to be able to see what felt like the first peak of sunlight in ages, but, at the end of the day, I took a picture of the sun hitting an office building.

I don't want to sound like Eeoyore, because this project has actually had a profound effect on me to remember that life is, indeed, good, but, in some ways, we are limited in what we're able to show that makes us happy. I'll press on and I invite you to do the same.

More importantly, what do you think about the Happiness project?

Waste of time or opening your mind??


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