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It's true that whenever I've watched a show where the main character has gone through a particularly devasting breakup or "Come to Jesus" moment they've chopped off their locks (here's looking at you Felicity). But, what about in real-life?

People have speculated that the same most be true for actresses--there was even a rumor going around about JLaw and the reason for the chop heard round the world. Clearly, negative on that one, evidenced from the liplock that she displayed at the Golden Globes. Is there room for people to just get tired of their current 'do and chop it all off? Or is hair length inextricably linked to crisis?

I recently chopped off a couple of inches, albeit after a breakup, and felt liberated from the split ends and remnants of color gone wrong (the color was right, but my lack of maintenance was wrong oh so wrong). I found…