Are you afraid of the dark?

Source: R.L. Stine, "Night of the Living Dummy"

When I was younger, I could never bring myself to watch an episode of (or read, for that matter) "Goosebumps". I was afraid of what might be on the screen (mostly the things that go bump in the night) and the bad dreams that come along with them. But, I grew up, got some cajones, and watched. And, I realized, that it wasn't as bad as I'd always imagined it being.

The same can said for a lot of things in life. The first day of college, first day at a new job, first date, etc. I'm definitely guilty of over-thinking things. According to Communications Theory, the Uncertainty Reduction Theory is an individual's desire to reduce tension by seeking out information. This can be either passive or active (sorry, just a little preview of grad school for ya).

Speaking of grad school, I've wanted to go for so long and yet, couldn't bring myself to apply. I finally did and got into a Communications program in DC and I couldn't be happier! Well, I could definitely be more rested, but that's another story. Anyway, when you're constantly writing papers, it doesn't leave much time for writing live-journal style. So, sorry for my absence, but I'll make a better effort to post something every so often. In the meantime, I ask you, what are you afraid of???


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