Doesn't it feel like everytime we talk, I'm apologizing?

Perhaps because that's true. Though, this time, I'll be honest and say that I have actually thought about you over the course of these few weeks (months?). I hate the excuse, "I've been soooo busy." But, I have actually been quite busy with work and starting grad school (wahoo!), so I think that's somewhat legitimate?

Anyway, the other reason is that I've had serious blogger's block (bahahaha! Like that alliteration?). Every time I think I want to blog about something, I can't figure out how to form sentences---I know, this should bode really well for grad school. I don't watch awards shows, so I can't talk to you about the Emmys (other than the fact that coverage of the red carpet has shown me that I love Kiernan Shipka more and more everyday.), I haven't watched a decent tv show in what feels like weeks--actually, LIES, I watched about 40 mins of Orange is the New Black and I'm a little bit obsessed, and I have this burning desire to SHOP even though my closet is filled with a bunch of stuff I don't really wear (I suppose the whole, "get rid of two things and acquire one new thing" would be applicable here). So, basically WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! There's just something about the weather turning colder that makes me more apt to whine. Is that weird? Like, for some reason when it's sunny and warm, how can you really hate on life? You can't. It's sunny, it's warm, people are out, etc. Granted, yes, it's generally hot as Hades and sticky in DC, but STILL. There's just a HUGE possibility that something cool will happen and you'll meet someone interesting, that my inner pessimist is just like, QUIT YOUR WHINING AND ENJOY LIFE!! No such stopping of inner pessimist when it's fall/winter. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I can find even MORE reasons to whine than I normally would. It's really a wonder that I have friends during two seasons out of the year. And, it's times like this that we must really really take the time to find reasons to be grateful for our lives. Don't get me wrong, vent, whine, get pissed, throw something, scream, rinse and repeat. Because pretending to be happy about your life when you're not is really just a recipe for disaster. But! Wallowing for a while (cry, eat ice cream, listen to Adele--sidenote: that woman just gets me) and then, dusting yourself off and realizing that your life is great is kind of like someone finding 5 dollars on the street and giving it to you, apropos of nothing. And, to all of you cynics out there, yes, that really does happen--it's happened to me a total of ONE TIME, but that's enough for me to believe that it can happen to you too!

So, here's my list of things to be grateful for this week:

1) My friends: I, honestly, have the best friends in the world. I think it's easy to take for granted the amazing, intelligent, kind-hearted people in your life on a regular basis, because, hey, they've always been there and they'll always be there, right? HECK NO! Things happen in an instant and you never know when one of them might move away, end the friendship, or God forbid, die, so it's really important to realize, "hey, my friends are awesome and make themselves available to talk out all of my little crises with me just because."

2) Netflix: Yes, I know, following that profound statement about friendship with Netflix seems shallow, but HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE CHOICES ON NETFLIX?!?! I mean, you could literally waste your life away just watching random stuff that you didn't even know existed before and then, 3 seconds later, be prompted to watch something else incredibly random and wonderful.

3) French fries: Obviously, there is going to be a food item on this list and I eat French fries with almost every meal, so this should come as no surprise. They are just magical and salty and delicious, so I'm pretty happy that they were invented and can be purchased off the Dollar menu at McDonald's for a dollar. A DOLLAR. You can't buy anything for a dollar anymore, but you can buy French fries.

4) My Job: No, not for the reasons you may think. I am not one of those annoying people that really loves their job and takes great satisfaction in going into work everyday. It's actually the exact opposite, but, in this economy where a lot of people are unemployed or working a job that doesn't afford them the ability to live, makes me feel pretty grateful to have a job that pays for my living expenses and vices. Plus, my coworkers are endlessly entertaining in their awkwardness, so it has that going for it as well.

5) MY FRIEND NANCY!!!! Nancy, you are an absolutely wonderful, hilarious, athletic, intelligent, and all around AMAZING human being and yes, you round out the top 5 of things I'm grateful for today. Plus, I know that you're going to rock the heck out of the NYC MARATHON (I did say she was athletic) next weekend!!!!!!! Love you lots girl!<----Here's hoping she reads the blog today, right?





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