I missed you, did you miss me?

I feel like I say this a lot, but SORRY FOR BEING AWAY FOR SO LONG YOU GUYS!!! Fortunately and unfortunately, I've been carried away with the "Summer of Erika" and have neglected my blogger duties. But, I swear, no longer. I will try to be more consistent and also, a lot funnier. Though, considering that I keep writing the same sentence over and over and then deleting it (I'm only on my first cup of coffee), I wouldn't hold out much hope on that second part.

Things that have been covered to death by great bloggers:

- Cronuts
- Crop tops (I have a feeling they'll be here to stay)
- Kimye's baby, North West
- Prince George
-Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

I won't even begin to go into any of these, though, to be fair, this post was originally about crop tops. Though, every good fashion maven knows, you don't cover something after ManRepeller does, you'll just feel inadequate and terse. Disclaimer: I have a "girl crush" on Leandra Medine. Then again, how does one not?

My friend Nancy suggested that I start blogging about people that need makeovers and, while I do love a great makeover a la Cher Horowitz and Tai (RIP Brittany Murphy). I feel like the person that wore purple crushed velvet floral print overalls in EIGHTH GRADE is probably not the person equipped to be doling out advice (though, overalls are totally making a comeback).

I would love to say that my style has evolved past that and it has...in some ways (I eventually outgrew those overalls), but mostly I still wear things that make me feel happy and evoke the type of mood I'm in at the moment. And, lest one forgets, LAZY is totally a mood, so thank goodness for maxi dresses that make you look put together, but do not involve a lot of thought. Because, we all know, looking as though you tried too hard to make it out the door, is the absolute kiss of death when it comes to being a fashionista. Does that mean that if I found the grown up equivalent of those purple crushed velvet floral print overalls that I wouldn't succumb to its force? Umm....I think it depends on the pair and the sticker price, but I think I'm weak against its charms.

So, those are the things I'll leave you with dear reader. Hopefully, it won't be long until you hear from me again.




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