All the Disney Princesses...

You know those days, when you're dying to write about something, ANYTHING, but instead you find yourself in a pit on Youtube? Well, that's where I'm at. It's like my inspiration fairy has taken the week off (unceremoniously, I might add), and I'm just sitting here sucking a lollipop waiting for her to return.

Sorry to start you off with Miley Cyrus you guys, but you have to admit that her version of "Jolene" is pretty darn good. I felt like I left you guys hanging here when I mentioned my love for Selena Gomez. I know, I know, but it's not like I'm declaring a girl crush on Vanessa Hudgens (though, her 'Sneaker Night' video is quite catchy) or anything, but I suppose there comes a time in every person's life where it's easier to like their catchy songs than to despise them. I'll admit, I started off reaaaallllyyyyy disliking Miley--something about the Hannah Montana schtick GOT to me. But then, 'Party in the USA' wore me down and, well, it was downhill from there. Now, I'm sitting here in my pjs writing about Miley Cyrus instead of educating myself. IT"S THE END OF THE WORLD YOU GUYS, IT"S OFFICIAL. Anyway, it just got me thinking about all of my girl crushes. I can't go through all of them (because that would take up some serious time), but I'll give you my Top Ten.

1. Nancy Drew


Of course I'm starting off with a literary/fictional girl crush! But, Nancy Drew was, and always be, the original girl crush of all girl crushes. Not only did she look fantastic while solving mysteries, but she also outwitted pretty much every boy, man, person she came in contact with. I'm not even going to pretend to be that person that doesn't still have her copies of Nancy Drew on her bookcase (book covers are your friend), because I unabashedly do. That series further spurned my love of reading and, unlike a lot of young adult literature, the romantic life of Nancy Drew wasn't the main focus.

2. Mindy Kaling

So, my love for Mindy Kaling first started on The Office when she played Kelly Kapour, continued when she was interviewed on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart for her book (which, I haven't read yet--I'm a bad fan), and has reached a fever pitch now that her show "the Mindy Project" is on Fox. Let's try to forget the fact that she's a woman of color with a comedy on a MAJOR NEWS NETWORK that is not only doing well, but gaining momentum; that the show is refreshingly honest and fiiiinnallly portraying a humorous woman in a REAL way--wait, don't forget all that. That's EXACTLY why she's a girl crush.

3. Hillary Clinton

So, no matter your political leanings, it's hard to deny that Hillary Clinton's star continues to rise. Not only did she give our current POTUS a run for his money in 2008; graciously accepted the title of Secretary of State once Obama won the White House and was one of the most successful SoS of ALL TIME; but (!!!) was able to mediate a talk between Israel, took the most trips as an acting Secretary of State, and ended her tenure with a higher approval rating than the sitting President. I mean, can you say AWESOME? Not to mention, she was the muse for the (now defunct) ever hilarious #TextsfromHillary tumblr.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

No girl crush list would be complete without JLaw (as she is affectionately called) making an appearance. Whether it's her gif-able (I've decided it's a word now) facial expressions, stellar performances in MULTIPLE performances, stunning red carpet appearances, and general laissez-faire attitude about life, she just seems like a gal that would appreciate my random musings. She also seems like a gal that you could call up and say, "Hey dude, wanna hang out?" and she'd be completely content in coming over to watch reality tv while eating ice cream (if you're not partaking in two guilty pleasures at once, you're doing it wrong).

5. Judy Blume

Are you there guys? It's me, E. Full disclosure: I've never actually read that book, but I've read pretty much every other Judy Blume book there is. And Judy, girl, you helped me get through some VERY awkward pre-pubescent years, so thank you. Not to mention, she's written some of the most thoughtful and strong female characters. She's clearly a HUGE fan of girls and Girls (that last part I learned by reading The Cut).

6. Tyra Banks

Not to sound like a hipster, but I liked Tyra before it was cool. Way before her days as the model-hopeful mogul, Tyra graced the pages of many glossy mags. I begged my mom for the copy of Seventeen magazine that she was on. I read her interview many times over. I was OBSESSED. Now, I'm the first to poke fun of Tyra because of things that she does, but she's also a force to be reckoned with.

7. Kerry Washington

I think these days it's almost impossible to not be obsessed with Kerry Washington (and her show 'Scandal'). From her stellar movie choices to her impeccable fashion picks, this girl is on fire. Few people remember her as being the older sister on 'Save the Last Dance' (myself included. One of my friends had to point it out to me), but clearly, she has come a long way from being a minor role in a major movie (let's not talk about Django: Unchained. I.just.can't.).

8. Spice Girls

GIRL POWER! While most people love to hate them nowadays, the Spice Girls reigned supreme for quite a while and their message of girl power was one of empowerment for young girls. While the last time they were on stage together was the Victoria Secret fashion show (of all things), they have all managed to find success. I guess what we really really wanted (sorry, I couldn't resist) was to see more of them.

9. Maya Angelou

A famous poet laureate, author, and activist, Maya Angelou has had an impressive and illustrious career. It's absolutely difficult NOT to have a woman crush on Maya Angelou. Though, I'd say that my "crush" is actually more awe and respect---the woman received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She would definitely be at my imaginary dinner party, though, not entirely sure what I'd serve.....

10. Chelsea Handler

Last, but certainly not least, is Chelsea Handler. TV host, comedienne, and best-selling author, Chelsea Handler has proven that you can be a girl and bawdy--the two are not mutually exclusive. 'Chelsea Lately' is ALWAYS hilarious. There's something about her no-holds-barred humor that seems to put celebrities at ease and get them to show a different side of their personality not normally seen on the talk show circuit. How can you not love a woman that writes a book titled, "Are you there Vodka? It's me Chelsea." and keeps a small person on staff? Definitely unique.

Honorable Mentions: Kathy Griffin, Connie Britton, the cast of the Pretty Little Liars, Joan Rivers, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock, and many more of the amazing women in (and out) of Hollywood. GIRL POWER!




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