How do we feel about selfies? I ask this because the "selfie" seems to be on the rise. For those of you that don't know, the "selfie" is a photo that one takes of themselves  for some notable reason (i.e. cute outfit, new piercing, bruise/black eye, narcissism). I ask this because yesterday evening I was on the metro and I spied a woman a couple seats over and up (emphasis on WOMAN, instead of a 15 year old girl) taking a selfie...on a decently crowded metro FULL VIEW of others. So, I ask, "HOW IS THIS OK??" Are we as a society so devoid of social graces in this technology age that it is OK  for some random bittie to take a selfie on the metro and no one even blink (except me, of course)? There's the obvious fact that if she'd wanted a picture of herself on the metro that she could've asked one of the 8-10 other people around her to, please sir, take my picture next to this hideous orange seats. And, someone I'm sure of it, would've begrudgingly acquiesced. But no, this woman, decided to take one herself, duck face and all.

She's not alone. I've spied many a friend sporting a selfie on Facebook. I'm not going to name names, but if you're taking a selfie at the gym, why don't you just GO HOME (Roger) and have a full on photo shoot. I DON"T UNDERSTAND ( --honestly, a youtube has never been more applicable to soooo many situations)! Ok, that's my rant for the day (and you're welcome for the YouTube). Ending this with a hypocritical selfie.


                                                                        XOXO, E


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