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Trend alert: The Accent Nail vs. One-color manicure 

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The accent nail is a trend that I've embraced wholeheartedly (evidenced by the picture above). Among one of my favorite aspects about the trend is that you can wear multiple colors, patterns, or effects on the same hand without your nails clashing. The accent nail adds a little something extra to a ho-hum manicure. I recently tried nail strips on both of my ring fingers (I always tend to make my ring fingers my accent nails) and loved the effect. Tip: painting your nail with a base coat before applying the nail strip, allows for easy removal. That said, I'm also a gal that  loves a bright one-color manicure in subtle shades, look-at-me nail color, or metallics.

Which do you prefer: the accent nail or the one-color manicure? 


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