Spring Cleaning...In more ways than one

Spring has sprung! 

Which typically means, getting rid of clothes that don't fit or are never worn, shoes that have been loved for entirely too long, and other useless crap (no, but seriously, I found a random toy cable car with "San Francisco"emblazoned on the side when cleaning out my jewelry chest---I don't know why I have that either. Sadly, that had to have been purchased as an "adult"). So, I'm committing to cleaning out my closet and organizing it (if only to buy other stuff that I'll get rid of next year) and also, to be one of those people that starts their day off with a green juice, rather than cups upon cups of coffee. Let's tackle the first item of business, shall we!
My first criteria when getting rid of clothes is generally fit/condition. I am, admittedly, a clothes-horse. I have tons  of clothes that I've gotten either because they looked great on other people (don't ask), they were on trend, or acquired them from my mom (who was ALSO a ridiculous clothes-horse, though saving her clothes is proof that: hoarding is somewhat genetic and styles really do cycle. I cannot tell you how many times I've gotten rid of something, just to see it pop up on a must-have list, but I digress). I also tend to keep certain beloved items way past their expiration (I guess that's one way to become great at mending). So, long tangent aside, that is generally the first way I'm able to rid my closet full of overly loved items or ones with stains (mostly food stains, let's be real).
Next, I eliminate items that I haven't worn in the last year and can't see myself wearing in the future. Which partially explains why I have an old t-shirt of my mom's that's the perfect shade of baby blue and says something about a U.S. armed forces regiment and not a sheer tie-neck blouse with hearts all over it (still regret getting rid of that). I'm not entirely sure how my mom acquired said shirt since neither of my parents were in the armed forces AND neither of them are originally from America, but I suppose this further illustrates my mom's ability to acquire random items.
The body "cleaning" requires a bit more effort and thought. As I've gotten older, I've seen a huge improvement in the way that my body runs (how tired I feel before or during exercise, my overall energy level throughout the day, and my mental acuity) when I actually put healthy things into my "machine". Therefore, I'm going to attempt to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. These can only aid in that good feeling, right?!! Below's the green smoothie that I've been trying to start my day off with. And it's surprisingly tasty! 

Sorry for the shot of my itsy-bitsy kitchen sink! 

What's on YOUR spring cleaning must-do list?


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