Beef noodle soup courtesy of A&J's Rockville location

Is it just me or has the non-spring like weather had you really craving soup? DC's weather has been incredibly up and down this year. One day it's 50 degrees and the next it's SNOWING. Yes, this week it SNOWED...in MARCH. Sorry for the caps you guys, except, sorry I'm not sorry. It is out of this world that we're having snow in March. I've heard of March showers, but not snow showers. Gracious! Anyway, the constant change in weather has had me craving soup. I can't get enough--from ramen (mostly ramen) to basic chicken noodle to Pho, I"M OBSESSED. Though, arguably, I'm obsessed with most things once I get into them.I've been known to say that among one of the things that I like about soup is that it's an easy food to eat---no chewing.  I recently found a delicious recipe for chicken soup on Restored Style. I plan on trying it before the temperature heats up!

What about you guys? Any type of food that you're craving when the temperature drops?

People spared food inspo pics because of this pic: approximately 6
Food inspiration comes from: http://www.restoredstyle.com/ (Though, there are a lots of great finds on this site. One of my new faves!)


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