Gurrrlll, you better werq

I'm actually one of those weird people that enjoys working out, but I get bored and need to change it up. Here's a circuit workout that I completed the other day. I went through the circuit twice and it took about 30 mins, but you can do the circuit more times to increase the amount of time or add a run, elliptical stint or time on the cycling bike. Without any extra time or extra cardio, I was definitely wiped. Enjoy!

Exercise Weight                 Reps            Set

10 2

Leg Press 70, 90 15 2

Step Switch
1 min 2

Row machine 30 15 2

1 leg balance w/curl + shoulder press 10 x 2 15 2

1 leg balance w/alternate raises 5 x 2 15 2

bench supine knee pull-in 20 2

supine isolation twist 5 20 1

Romanian chair isolation 10           1 min 1



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