Grateful grams

Grateful grams!

I read an article somewhere about how one of the easiest ways to be happy is constantly keep a running tally of what you're grateful for. I like the idea of, no matter how bad a day seems, there are always some things that you can be grateful for. Today, I'm having an especially optimistic day (hence the bright colors in the list), so I thought I'd share some of my sunny outlook. Here are some of mine:

1) IT"S SPRING!!!! Though, in DC, it feels like Old Man winter is still knocking on our door (it is seriously still glove weather), I saw a school (a flock, a gaggle?) of red-breasted robins when I was walking to the metro this morning and it reminded me that, even though I could LITERALLY see my breath, spring is here!

2) This sign:                                                                                                                   

3) CHOCOLATE CAKE- Yes, really. I love sweets and at the top of that is list is DEFINITELY chocolate cake. It's simultaneously comforting and sinfully sweet. It's also a great dessert for any weather. Yes, I'm really that girl buying chocolate cake slices at the grocery store. 

4) FOAM ROLLERS- I discovered foam rollers a couple of years ago at a specialty running store after running a half marathon. I originally went to the store looking for a detergent that would take the stink out of my clothes from the race, and lo and behold, the foam roller! Foam rollers are unbelievable. They almost roll out the pain from extended exercise (I typically use them on my legs after a long run). 

5) MY SMARTPHONE!!!- Sorry, I know this one seems a bit lame, but I'm addicted to my phone. As a previous Blackberry user, but current Droid (Samsung Galaxy S3, athankyouverymuch) user, I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it makes. Despite the fact that I've dropped my phone a dozen times (Sorry mom), all of the apps work A LOT better and the camera on the phone----chiiild. I barely even use my digital camera anymore, though it that doesn't stop me from lusting after things like this.


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