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Doesn't it feel like everytime we talk, I'm apologizing?

Perhaps because that's true. Though, this time, I'll be honest and say that I have actually thought about you over the course of these few weeks (months?). I hate the excuse, "I've been soooo busy." But, I have actually been quite busy with work and starting grad school (wahoo!), so I think that's somewhat legitimate?

Anyway, the other reason is that I've had serious blogger's block (bahahaha! Like that alliteration?). Every time I think I want to blog about something, I can't figure out how to form sentences---I know, this should bode really well for grad school. I don't watch awards shows, so I can't talk to you about the Emmys (other than the fact that coverage of the red carpet has shown me that I love Kiernan Shipka more and more everyday.), I haven't watched a decent tv show in what feels like weeks--actually, LIES, I watched about 40 mins of Orange is the New Black and I'm a little bit obsessed, and I have this burning desir…

I missed you, did you miss me?

I feel like I say this a lot, but SORRY FOR BEING AWAY FOR SO LONG YOU GUYS!!! Fortunately and unfortunately, I've been carried away with the "Summer of Erika" and have neglected my blogger duties. But, I swear, no longer. I will try to be more consistent and also, a lot funnier. Though, considering that I keep writing the same sentence over and over and then deleting it (I'm only on my first cup of coffee), I wouldn't hold out much hope on that second part.

Things that have been covered to death by great bloggers:

- Cronuts
- Crop tops (I have a feeling they'll be here to stay)
- Kimye's baby, North West
- Prince George
-Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

I won't even begin to go into any of these, though, to be fair, this post was originally about crop tops. Though, every good fashion maven knows, you don't cover something after ManRepeller does, you'll just feel inadequate and terse. Disclaimer: I have a "girl crush" on Leandra Medine…

It's the weekend!

Hey y'all,

 Or, should that be a Hey'all? Can't decide. Anyway, just wanted to wish you all a happy weekend break AND to invite you to follow me (but, mostly the blog) on Twitter (@DotsandBars). I'll try to keep you guys entertained over the weekend with funny gifs that make you wish that you were in DC (WITH ME!!!), but, most likely, they'll just be ramblings of why I haven't had enough pizza and there aren't enough repeats of Seinfeld (LOVE.THAT.SHOW).



All the Disney Princesses...

You know those days, when you're dying to write about something, ANYTHING, but instead you find yourself in a pit on Youtube? Well, that's where I'm at. It's like my inspiration fairy has taken the week off (unceremoniously, I might add), and I'm just sitting here sucking a lollipop waiting for her to return.

Sorry to start you off with Miley Cyrus you guys, but you have to admit that her version of "Jolene" is pretty darn good. I felt like I left you guys hanging here when I mentioned my love for Selena Gomez. I know, I know, but it's not like I'm declaring a girl crush on Vanessa Hudgens (though, her 'Sneaker Night' video is quite catchy) or anything, but I suppose there comes a time in every person's life where it's easier to like their catchy songs than to despise them. I'll admit, I started off reaaaallllyyyyy disliking Miley--something about the Hannah Montana schtick GOT to me. But then, 'Party in the USA' wore…

Pickup lines

It's just one of those days where I can't really think of a post, but want to write something. So, why not put a little bit of the good, the bad, and the REALLY ugly pickup lines out there. Trust me, I've been privy to QUITE a few. One of my friends tends to think it's because I'm too easy to smile (I've definitely been told that I'm sucker for the Save the Children people, but that's because their tagline, DO YOU HAVE MOMENT TO CHANGE A CHILD"S LIFE, is too damn heartwarming. Sorry, have a heart, which is also a new discovery). Which, basically translates to, Stop being a freaking sucker E. I mean, I kind of agree. It's quite amazing that I'm not bankrupt from charitable donations--I thank sunglasses. Anyway, horrible one-liners after the jump, along with my reactions.

"Can I buy you a drink?" - I was drinking water

"Hey girl, what you listening to? Oh, Britney? I LOVE HER! She's my gurl. I love that song, Toxic. The tast…
How do we feel about selfies? I ask this because the "selfie" seems to be on the rise. For those of you that don't know, the "selfie" is a photo that one takes of themselves  for some notable reason (i.e. cute outfit, new piercing, bruise/black eye, narcissism). I ask this because yesterday evening I was on the metro and I spied a woman a couple seats over and up (emphasis on WOMAN, instead of a 15 year old girl) taking a selfie...on a decently crowded metro FULL VIEW of others. So, I ask, "HOW IS THIS OK??" Are we as a society so devoid of social graces in this technology age that it is OK  for some random bittie to take a selfie on the metro and no one even blink (except me, of course)? There's the obvious fact that if she'd wanted a picture of herself on the metro that she could've asked one of the 8-10 other people around her to, please sir, take my picture next to this hideous orange seats. And, someone I'm sure of it, wo…

This is what my gifted The New Yorker subscription got me....

So, I've been taking a couple of online classes recently just to keep my mind busy with something other than the newest plot lines on Real Housewives of Atlanta (Though, let's be real, what's more enjoyable than the lovely Nene Leakes? Few things dears, few things.). Anyway, the assignment that I completed last night was pretty interesting, so I thought I'd share my finished product (along with the prompt) with y'all. I was also gifted a year subscription to "The New Yorker" by my work husband, so that's where the picture referenced in the assignment comes from. Side note: I've recently become obsessed with Selena Gomez and as such, have decided to forgive her for the Justin Bieber thing. HE WAS MY MAN WOMAN!! Though, him cutting off the hair swoop kind of killed it for me. Or, as a doctor might say, "Lowered my Bieber fever". Yuk yuk. I partially blame the ghey bars for the sudden Selena obsesh. They played TWO songs of hers back to bac…

Fashion flashback on J.Crew

Perhaps it was the idea of creating stories for the whimsical creatures that always graced the J.Crew catalog that made receiving the catalog during different seasons so exciting. Or, the myriad of outfits that I could create by buying one shirt, skirt, or pair of shorts. But, one thing is for sure, once the J.Crew catalog arrived, a huge smile would appear on my face and there was a definite spring in my step as I thumbed through the pages. Reading through the catalog and marking things that I wanted (even if I wasn't able to actually buy them) felt so... grown up. It signaled to me the ability to have the power to create an image for myself and, along with that image, a life. 

So, while I wouldn't characterize my style with any one adjective, I would venture to say that many might write me off as old school prep (Ha! Not including that last picture that I've uploaded where I'm channeling the 'Mad Men' era), I'd like to think that I tend to dress preppy wi…
Sorry that I've been away for so long! I have some GREAT excuses as to why--I'm an entire year older! That's not to say that I had an entire week long celebration, but I the time that I'd normally set aside to blog, was spent celebrating with friends! Not a bad thing, obviously, just made for a change in schedule. I'm back now though, and better than ever! I'm leaving you with some pictures from the birthday celebrations. See you tomorrow!

Cooking for one (womp womp)

Sorry to mislead you with the title, since I couldn't be happier making a meal just for me. Perhaps it is only child syndrome, but I've never understood why lady mags (and non-lady mags for that matter) bemoan cooking for one. Yes, I enjoy a great meal with my friends, but I also REALLY enjoy eating a meal that I've made just the way that I like it. Hey, I know that it's possible that not EVERYONE likes hot sauce on popcorn, which is why it's nice to not have to share (the NOT sharing is key). Though, coming up with a meal that's not pasta and sauce, steak and potatoes, or pasta with veggies and heaping amounts of cheese, is hard to do. And most of the time/all of the time, I'm generally coming from the gym, so I'm sweaty, hungry, impatient, and tired (waaahhhh!) and completely content with eating chips and salsa for dinner....or fries, mountains of fries. Luckily, I have friends that, like me, send food inspo (sorry, I am one of those people that takes…

Aaand I'm obsessed

So, anyone that's talked to me in the last two months knows that my current fashion obsession is the chambray shirt. It's incredibly versatile--can be dressed up or down, worn as a shirt, take the place of a light jacket, basically, OBSESSION STATION. So, it might be weird to hear that I haven't actually taken the plunge and purchased said obsession. I know, I know. You'd think that I would've just handed over the plastic to any one of the fine retailers that have a chambray stock and call one mine, but, here's the sad part, I'm scarily obsessive about how I want it to look. While I'm all about the one above by Madewell, I'm also partial to the one by Gap. Though, since I tend to be loyal to both brands, I'm thinking about branching out and trying something new. Over thinking one purchase? Why, yes, yes, I am. Completely obsessed with the outfit combinations that I could come up with said chambray shirt? Eeeee! I'll let you be the judge of …

Spring Cleaning...In more ways than one

Spring has sprung!
Which typically means, getting rid of clothes that don't fit or are never worn, shoes that have been loved for entirely too long, and other useless crap (no, but seriously, I found a random toy cable car with "San Francisco"emblazoned on the side when cleaning out my jewelry chest---I don't know why I have that either. Sadly, that had to have been purchased as an "adult"). So, I'm committing to cleaning out my closet and organizing it (if only to buy other stuff that I'll get rid of next year) and also, to be one of those people that starts their day off with a green juice, rather than cups upon cups of coffee. Let's tackle the first item of business, shall we! My first criteria when getting rid of clothes is generally fit/condition. I am, admittedly, a clothes-horse. I have tons  of clothes that I've gotten either because they looked great on other people (don't ask), they were on trend, or acquired them from my mom …

When I Grow Up....

Thomas Friedman's article "Need a Job? Invent it." struck a chord with me. The title is equal parts "YOU control your own destiny" and "quit your whining and get a job!". I choose to see it as the former. Perhaps I happen to be surrounded, both physically and virtually, by some incredibly talented people, but I feel like everyday someone is rolling out a new business plan, striking out on their own, or following their dream to a foreign country. Gone are the days when one's only hope for success lay in working your way up the corporate ladder. Now, you can start a blog, hire a photographer, get viewed by millions and become an "overnight" success. This is not to underscore the hard work, dedication, and, quite frankly, shrewdness that it takes to become an internet sensation, but it just goes to show that the old model of "making it" no longer holds true.

If blogging's where it's at, then what role does education play i…

Trend alert!

Trend alert: The Accent Nail vs. One-color manicure 


The accent nail is a trend that I've embraced wholeheartedly (evidenced by the picture above). Among one of my favorite aspects about the trend is that you can wear multiple colors, patterns, or effects on the same hand without your nails clashing. The accent nail adds a little something extra to a ho-hum manicure. I recently tried nail strips on both of my ring fingers (I always tend to make my ring fingers my accent nails) and loved the effect. Tip: painting your nail with a base coat before applying the nail strip, allows for easy removal. That said, I'm also a gal that  loves a bright one-color manicure in subtle shades, look-at-me nail color, or metallics.

Which do you prefer: the accent nail or the one-color manicure? 

Grateful grams

Grateful grams!

I read an article somewhere about how one of the easiest ways to be happy is constantly keep a running tally of what you're grateful for. I like the idea of, no matter how bad a day seems, there are always some things that you can be grateful for. Today, I'm having an especially optimistic day (hence the bright colors in the list), so I thought I'd share some of my sunny outlook. Here are some of mine:

1) IT"S SPRING!!!!Though, in DC, it feels like Old Man winter is still knocking on our door (it is seriously still glove weather), I saw a school (a flock, a gaggle?) of red-breasted robins when I was walking to the metro this morning and it reminded me that, even though I could LITERALLY see my breath, spring is here!

2) This sign:

3) CHOCOLATE CAKE- Yes, really. I love sweets and at the top of that is list is DEFINITELY chocolate cake. It's simultaneously comforting and sinfully sweet. It's also a great dessert for any weather. Yes, I'm really…



Is it just me or has the non-spring like weather had you really craving soup? DC's weather has been incredibly up and down this year. One day it's 50 degrees and the next it's SNOWING. Yes, this week it MARCH. Sorry for the caps you guys, except, sorry I'm not sorry. It is out of this world that we're having snow in March. I've heard of March showers, but not snow showers. Gracious! Anyway, the constant change in weather has had me craving soup. I can't get enough--from ramen (mostly ramen) to basic chicken noodle to Pho, I"M OBSESSED. Though, arguably, I'm obsessed with most things once I get into them.I've been known to say that among one of the things that I like about soup is that it's an easy food to eat---no chewing.  I recently found a delicious recipe for chicken soup on Restored Style. I plan on trying it before the temperature heats up!

What about you guys? Any type of food that you're craving whe…

All the Single Ladies

Being single in a city like DC, can be both frustrating and liberating. There comes a time in every girl's life (especially when that "girl" is a twenty-something woman) when your friends start to pair off into couples that it makes you wonder when your card is going to be picked. It can be liberating to have the freedom to have spontaneous adventures, meet new people, and feel like it's the first day of  summer camp all over again, but it can also feel a tiny bit lonely. Friends can definitely fill the void, but sometimes you just want someone (other than your best friend) to have inside jokes with and fight over the remote with. Does that sound a bit boring? Well, sure, but there's something to be said for meeting a person that you want to have around while you do nothing. Trust me, I've met/dated a lot of people that I'd rather be alone doing nothing than hanging out with them doing something.

While on the way to meeting Mr. Right, Mr. Big, or Mr. Happ…

Gurrrlll, you better werq

I'm actually one of those weird people that enjoys working out, but I get bored and need to change it up. Here's a circuit workout that I completed the other day. I went through the circuit twice and it took about 30 mins, but you can do the circuit more times to increase the amount of time or add a run, elliptical stint or time on the cycling bike. Without any extra time or extra cardio, I was definitely wiped. Enjoy!

ExerciseWeight                Reps           Set
Leg Press70, 90152
Step Switch
1 min2
Row machine30152
1 leg balance w/curl + shoulder press10 x 2152
1 leg balance w/alternate raises5 x 2152
bench supine knee pull-in202
supine isolation twist

Food makes me do crazy things

So, I'm incredibly food motivated. My emotions can generally be judged by where I am on the feed cycle. As in, just ate = code level GREEN! You're dealing with a happy, cheery E. Whereas, hungry/hangry = code level ORANGE to RED aka Godzirra (depending upon how much time has gone by since my last meal) proceed with extreme caution. I have been known to give bad advice, get overly cranky and generally be less than ideal to be in contact with if I'm in between meal times. I mean, they don't call me Godzirra for nothing (picture a large dinosaur pushing aside skyscrapers and trees and eating large handfuls of fries or tater tots with ketchup and you'd be somewhat in the realm of what I'm like when I need to be fed). Anyway, I say this for two reasons:

1) I once went on a first date post-workout  and only had a banana in my system (Godzirra cannot subsist on a banana alone). Things were going well, lots of smiles, furtive glances etc. We'd passed multiple rest…
Welcome to Polka Dots and Candy Bars!

I'm so excited to start my journey with you guys/gals! I'll try to keep my posts on a somewhat regular schedule and keep the randomness to a minimum. Though, the minimal randomness might be a stretch. Lots of funny anecdotes, delicious food pictures, and random musings to come!